Earn points shopping, reading emails, taking surveys, playing games, etc.  Use your points to get gift cards to over 100 different stores/restaurants, gas cards or travel discounts.

I joined MyPoints over 8 years ago and have received several hundred dollars in gift cards (for places I actually like to shop/eat at anyway like Red Lobster, Walmart, Kohls, etc.).  It’s not a get rich quick deal.  It is however free to join, so anything you earn is worth it. The quickest way to earn points is by shopping online.  Whenever I plan to make a purchase, I always search the MyPoints merchants and go through their website.  Many popular online stores qualify you for points (eBay, Target, Gap, etc..).

Even if you don’t make purchases online, you do get points for checking out their offers, with no minimum purchases to make.  It will take longer to gain points this way, but again, it’s free!

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